So until late 2018, I completed a weekly research review. I took 4 papers that caught my interest and summarised and commented on them and gave you my thoughts in an email. It was crazily popular with over 20,000 subscribers and I was humbled by the response. I took biomechanics, sports medicine, rehabilitation and sport science broadly across my interests and itched them to you.

A number of things got in the way, threatened litigation from a publisher, GDPR restrictions on use of databases and of course time, but given new legal knowledge and being increasingly tired of petty arguments, COVID19 and pay per view reviews appearing on my twitter feed, I felt the time is now right to bring it right back.

Starting this weekend the review is back, given GDPR I am not permitted to use the old mailing list so , I will distribute the 1st few directly via social media and feel free to resubscribe, or just watch out for twitter. It will always be free, never monetised, just subscribe or read it directly.