When are the use of B2 agonist anabolic agents justified?

progression of exercise loads

So, we work in a field where strength based rehabilitation is paramount and in many conditions from Osteoarthritis to tendinopathy rehabilitation has been shown to be superior or at least as successful as surgical intervention yet we struggle with innovation. Studies dabble between concentric versus eccentric, slow versus fast and the trend flip flops between […]

How do running mechanics change with fatigue?

Injury risk during running is associated with high-weekly training distance as well as lack of running experience, putting both competitive long-distance runners and novice runners at risk of developing overuse injuries. The development of overuse injuries has been associated with kinematic variables of all lower limb joints. Some of these variables, such as increased ankle […]

Long Term Athlete Development

In revising my site I came across my interview with Adam Brimelow, Health correspondent for the BBC and a piece I was invited to write. It led to a series of heated debates back in 2012 on testing physical competencies in schools with the usual arguments from people to hated PE and felt it ruined […]