How do running mechanics change with fatigue?

Injury risk during running is associated with high-weekly training distance as well as lack of running experience, putting both competitive long-distance runners and novice runners at risk of developing overuse injuries. The development of overuse injuries has been associated with kinematic variables of all lower limb joints. Some of these variables, such as increased ankle […]

Do running mechanics change running economy?

running economy

One of the determining factors of running performance is running economy (RE), and modifiable running biomechanics are a determining factor of RE. This review examined the intrinsic and extrinsic modifiable biomechanical factors affecting RE, assessed training-induced changes in RE and running biomechanics, evaluated whether an economical running technique can be recommended, and discussed potential areas […]

What is the effect of downhill running on neuromuscular fatigue?

Competitive trail running includes races over long uphill and downhill sections that cause substantial physiological and mechanical stress. This type of running causes alterations in neuromuscular function at different levels of the motor pathway from the motor cortex to the skeletal muscles, involving both the central and peripheral components of fatigue. Although uphill running requires […]

Running Gait and Re-education

I have written two pieces for the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal on Running kinematics and the injured population, of course there is no perfect way to run, but certainly those new or experienced runners with leg pain can benefit from a running kinematics approach. I talk about the diagnosis of Biomechanical Overload syndrome rather than […]

Running Injury on Newstalk Breakfast

Delighted to get the chance to speak on Irelands Breakfast Radio Show on myths regarding running injuries, osteoarthritis, running shoes and injury. Shane Coleman and Chris Donaghue hosting this show this week and great discussion including tweeted questions from listeners on shin pain, cycling and learning to run. Listen to the show here