Prevalence of early hip OA features on MRI in high-impact athletes. The femoroacetabular impingement and hip osteoarthritis cohort (FORCe) study.

Repetitive high-impact physical activity (such as football) might increase the risk for hip osteoarthritis (OA). Once established, the radiological joint changes seen in OA are irreversible. Identifying early disease may be important, as this may represent a point in time where interventions aimed at slowing disease progression could be effective. Little is known about hip […]

Incomplete Rehabilitation or Physiological failure of Hamstring tear

Reinjury rates after acute hamstring injuries are reported to range from 14% to 63% within the same playing season or up to 2 years after the initial injury. Despite relatively high reinjury risk after hamstring injuries, there is a lack of exact knowledge about their severity, location, and timing. Thus far, the location and severity, […]

Does Ultrasound really image deliver optimal tendon imaging?


ISSSMC-poster_compressedI have to declare that in my clinical practice, I do not use ultrasound to image the patellar or achilles tendon – I use MRI imaging in combination with expert musculoskeletal radiologists – so perhaps I have a bias in feeling that US is often used to demonstrate a clinical suspicion and is very very […]