How do running mechanics change with fatigue?

Injury risk during running is associated with high-weekly training distance as well as lack of running experience, putting both competitive long-distance runners and novice runners at risk of developing overuse injuries. The development of overuse injuries has been associated with kinematic variables of all lower limb joints. Some of these variables, such as increased ankle […]

Does fatigue effect landing mechanics in football?

Football is a sport that needs intermittent, non-continuous exercises which includes many sprints of different intensities especially during a match. Unfortunately, high-speed running has also been associated with injury and classified as an intrinsic risk factor. Higher speed of play during competitions may exert more loads or forces on the knee joint, which in turn may […]

What is the effect of downhill running on neuromuscular fatigue?

Competitive trail running includes races over long uphill and downhill sections that cause substantial physiological and mechanical stress. This type of running causes alterations in neuromuscular function at different levels of the motor pathway from the motor cortex to the skeletal muscles, involving both the central and peripheral components of fatigue. Although uphill running requires […]