Influence of simulated hip muscle weakness on hip joint forces during deep squatting

Groin pain is a common problem associated with various athletic activities. Hip-related groin pain originates from the hip joint, including femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and labral tears. Deep bilateral squat has been used as a functional test for FAI as squat requires hip hyperflexion and provokes groin pain. Partial weakness of the hip muscles alters the […]

Prevalence of early hip OA features on MRI in high-impact athletes. The femoroacetabular impingement and hip osteoarthritis cohort (FORCe) study.

Repetitive high-impact physical activity (such as football) might increase the risk for hip osteoarthritis (OA). Once established, the radiological joint changes seen in OA are irreversible. Identifying early disease may be important, as this may represent a point in time where interventions aimed at slowing disease progression could be effective. Little is known about hip […]

Athletic Groin Pain – Existing Evidence

Introduction The presentation of an acute  groin pain is common after recreational and competitive multidirectional sport and usually managed self managed with the excellent POLICE guidelines[1] and self limiting. More significant tears of muscles at Grade 2 or 3 level are potentially more serious, in terms of time out of sport, and need more in […]