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There has been little work done in influencing the remodelling process for many years but recent work has shown the uses of Hydrolyzed collagen  a group of peptides with low molecular weight has shown promising benefits in tendon repair after injury from oral absorption when combined with Vitamin C.

Peptides suggest that detailed work can target their use for a variety of condition in injury to expedite recovery, and also in muscle performance and recovery and an area of research that we are watching closely to benefit our patents.

We already acknowledge that any of our patients struggle with sufficient protein availability in their diet. When we ask them to start a comprehensive strength based program, for rehabilitation, then we see their progress limited by not determination to suceed but a lack of the amino acid peptide building blocks for anabolic change. The supplementation of diet is often essential to optimise results. The selective use of peptides, may well allow us to be more prescriptive and less general in the success of supplementation.