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PreDiabetes and Health Lab.

Losing weight is a challenge many of us  wish we could accomplish, either as art of a long term goal, or a shorter term target, and there is so much information regarding the latest diets, shakes, foods to avoid and options such as gastric banding, ketosis and intermitant fasting that it is not surprising that most people struggle with where to start or how to keep going.

There is good evidence that a low carbohydrate diet combined with exercise is a safe and effective way to approach losing weight, but of course there are other strategies too. 

You will visit both our campus sites on this Lab and meet a range of people from our patient team, nursing, doctors, radiology and strength and conditioning team.

Your 1st visit is in person, you will have a blood test, an electrocardiogram (heart activity test), we will measure your height and weight and blood pressure, and we will carry out a fitness test (please come in clothing to work out)

You will meet me, where I  will try to understand your goals, your past medical and surgical history and talk about your stressors, diet, understanding of health.

We will then arrange a Body Composition DEXA scan this allows us to look at how your body weight is distributed between the muscle, your liver and abdomen and peripherally, and then fit a Bodyguard heart monitor which you will wear for the next three to 5 days. This allows us to monitor your activity, stress and sleep. We may prescribe a Freestyle Libre – which monitors your blood glucose 24 hours a day for two weeks and ask you fill in via an app, your dietary choices

You will drop off or post the monitor back to us and we will start to compile the results and your profile. You will then have a second appointment with myself or a colleague Consultant in Sports and Exercise Medicine, either digitally via Zoom or in person,  where they will run through the results in detail with you and suggest some changes to help your goals and health.


How much does it cost?

You will have over an hour of contact with a Consultant Physician, and then over 3 hours of detailed cardiological, stressor, body composition, blood and fitness testing. The fee for this service is €600 and many of Irelands Health Insurance companies offer partial or full reimbursement dependent on plan.

 I am worried about the fitness test

We have a range of testing available, all use breath by breath analysis of how hard you are working, but your coach can choose with you the level of the test, some will have you  just struggling to maintain a conversation while brisk walking, others will really test you , but the tests are always chosen with you and safely supervised

What is a DEXA, does it measure whether I have osteoporosis?

DEXA is like a short xray whch measures density, one version of the test does measure bone density to detect osteoporosis, but not this test – we look at the distribution of body fat which we all have, o see how much is surrounding the vital organs, distributed in muscle and peripherally

What is a Bodyguard

Body guard attaches to your chest via two small stickers and is waterproof and measures your heart rate and activity while you wear it for 3 to 5 days. It allows us to look at recovery, sleep, stress reactions and activity

What blood tests do you take

We look at your kidney, liver function and also Measure your glucose and insulin ratios using something called HOMA-IR and HOMA B to look how your body handles glucose, along with inflammatory markers which have been identified as cardiac risk factors. We do not test cholesterol or any thyroid function routinely, but your Consultant might change the profile if he or she wishes something specific dependent on your history.


What is an ECG

An ECG is an electrical tracing of your heart, we put on  a set of sticky pads on your chest in specific places which allow us to look at the rhythm and activity of the heart and its valves

Can I have an Echocardiogram

Echocardiogram is not part of Health Lab . Your consultant if they had concerns regarding the heart can refer you to a cardiologist for this specialist test,

Can I have Lung function tests?

These can be performed but would be at your Consultants request if they felt it was more appropriate than fitness testing.


Can I have a Chest X Ray?

These can be performed but would be at your Consultants request if they felt it was more appropriate than fitness testing.

Can you look at my knee or shoulder pain?

Injury assessment is not part of Health Lab, but our Consultant Physician’s are specialists in the management of all musculoskeletal injuries and a separate consult could be arranged as a follow up, benefiting from a reduced consultation cost.

We create a plan and then digitally follow up to see how you are getting on at any stage. A comparison DEXA is lined up for when you start to make progress and we can flow up as often as you need along with any further investigations or referrals