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Machine Learning

What is machine learning. In rehabilitation we are using engineering, to identify features from hundreds of thousands of data variables, which differentiate between success in rehabilitation compared to failure. This requires the collection of millions of data variables and in fact discarding very many of them. We have been working for over 10 years in the identification of what makes a successful outcome from injury and many of these variables are surprisingly common.

What are they? Well they vary on an individual basis, it might be ankle power, or hip range of motion or hip internal rotation , and the way they map together is like architectural plans, sometime they match and other tines they don’t

By testing in our labs we are able to compare your variables to our network learning model which looks for moments that you differ from those following the same rehabilitation program to detail your specific areas of need.

This allows you to only focus on the variables that matter, rather than waste money, effort and time on therapies which don’t effect outcome, and importantly to us, influence your recovery faster and more robustly.

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