Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic

Specialist areas.

Low back pain.



Behavioural change

  • Educate on the causes of Back pain,
  • Guide return to work, sport or activity
  • Support positive lifestyle changes.

Strength training

  • Deadlift
  • Front Squat
  • Posture
  • Mobility
  • Accessory lifts

12 Week Program


Why do people get low back pain?

Low back pain has a lot of potential causes and the contribution from each of those varies from person to person. There can be movement, strength, postural, range of motion and psychological factors that play a role.

How do we rehabilitate low back pain?

We aim to address each of the contributing factors through our low back pain program. There are common themes for everyone but a different emphasis placed depending on the needs of the individual. We will aim to improve centre of mass control, increase strength, improve ranges of motion and alter the way people think about their backs to improve movement patterns in an effort to reduce pain.

One of the most important parts of our approach is that we put the rehabilitation in the hands of the patient, we aren’t making them better, just guiding them towards making themselves better.

Why not Pilates or yoga?

Although both are commonly used to treat low back pain, our view is that there are functional and strength based aspects to rehabilitating low back pain. We find that altering movement patterns and strength together needs on feet movements and progressive loading of the sort you achieve with resistance training. We believe this to be more effective than Pilates or yoga.

So I heard you will make me lift heavy weights

That is right, gradually you will learn to have confidence in your back, and we will make it stronger together. The only way to get stronger is to train muscle that supports the spine. This needs progressive overload – lifting heavy in movements that you do every day already – the deadlift and squat

Do I need to train at the clinic?

We need to teach you new skills, and like anything some people find this easy others more challenging. Usually you would train with us 2 or three times on a one to one basis and then either join a group at SSC or train at a gym local to you , coming back for occasional reviews.

Will I need further treatment after 12 weeks?

We hope that by week 8 you will feel great and stronger, healthier and with reduced pain. By 12 weeks our studies have shown that there will have been significant improvement. You will likely feel the benefit and want to continue this long term. It is a lifestyle change, which will result in a healthy body and outlook

What about spinal injections

Occasionally if your nerve pain in legs is worsened by the program we will arrange a CT guided injection to help settle these symptoms. These occur in less than 15% of our patients and as such we do not routinely offer injection to all. Please discuss this with your Sports Physician if you wish more information

What about Surgery?

Many patients come to us after surgery to prevent recurrence and speed rehabilitation, but our aim is to avoid surgery ,where possible on discs and facet joints. We have been very successful in this, but of course some conditions do require a surgical intervention such as worsening spinal stenosis. That is why the program is run by Consultant Physicians in Sports and Exercise Medicine to ensure your safety

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