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Lower Leg Pain.

Most people worry about joint replacement when it comes to osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee and hip, but for most people, the need for an operation is fa lot further down the line than they think. OA can affect any joint at any stage of life, indeed kids as young at 10 can have a form of juvenile arthritis. Although all our joints cope with a lot of wear and tear, as some point you can suffer from symptoms such as swelling and pain. MRI or X Ray imaging of the knee can help us to look at the cartilage surfaces, ligaments and bone, but also confirm the diagnosis and provide reassurance.

In respect to pain in an early arthritic joint, injections of steroid, hyaluronic acid, platelet rich or poor and stem cells, all offer various degrees of evidence and purpose, dependent on the joint and can be used to support a comprehensive rehabilitation program. PRP is increasingly the injection of choice with good meta analysis data supporting both improvements in pain and joint function.

The days of “scoping; the knee to see what’s wrong are thankfully behind us and although some ligament ruptures such as ACL or complete MCL, some compression fractures or large unstable meniscal tears need to go straight for surgery, most conditions can be dramatically improved without surgery.

Physiotherapy has often ‘already been tried’ but the most evidence is strongly in favour of resistance training. We need to look at how you use the knee, ankle and hip, by increasing their muscle strength capacity, we can share the work of walking or running and improve the distribution. We use innovative 3D testing in biomechanics data to make these rehabilitation decisions, saving you money, requiring fewer physiotherapy consultations, and getting you back pain free faster.

If you have reached a stage where surgery is needed, we have over 40 Orthopaedic surgeons at SSC to provide you specialist care, but you will likely start your journey at KneeLab with strength training and perhaps an injection in some cases.