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The greater trochanter triangle; a pathoanatomic approach to the diagnosis of chronic, proximal, lateral, lower pain in athletes.

The groin triangle: a patho-anatomical approach to the diagnosis of chronic groin pain in athletes.

Athletic groin pain (part 1): a prospective anatomical diagnosis of 382 patients.

The gluteal triangle: a clinical patho-anatomical approach to the diagnosis of gluteal pain in athletes

Clinical and biomechanical outcomes of rehabilitation targeting intersegmental control in athletic groin pain: prospective cohort of 205 patients

MRI investigation for groin pain in athletes: is radiological terminology clarifying or confusing?

Athletic groin pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of surgical versus physical therapy rehabilitation outcomes

The effects of rehabilitation on the biomechanics of patients with athletic groin pain

Is stiffness related to athletic groin pain?

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