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The variability of movement , had been considered injurious and the quest was to replicate the detail of a task  as close to possible each time, but our work has suggested flaws in that theory and the movement variability, may well be injury protective in itself, and of course there are always different ways to accomplish a task. We have seen that how we complete a cutting, acceleration or deceleration changes with fatigue.

Of course, this is pretty obvious, but to ensure a return to competitiveness, we must change the body to be able to withstand the fatigue effects, measure them and look to improve the force absorption, power production and options for the athlete to complete the task to the best ability.

This might be walking to shops after a foot fracture or Knee replacement, or might be the final kilometers in Marathon des Sables, or the final 10mins of extra time in the World cup Hockey final the situation is always unique to you and your goals.