When are the use of B2 agonist anabolic agents justified?

progression of exercise loads

So, we work in a field where strength based rehabilitation is paramount and in many conditions from Osteoarthritis to tendinopathy rehabilitation has been shown to be superior or at least as successful as surgical intervention yet we struggle with innovation. Studies dabble between concentric versus eccentric, slow versus fast and the trend flip flops between […]

Swimming warm ups: Challenges and current practice


In preparation for competitive events, swimming coaches prescribe a pre-competition warm-up, typically an active, pool-based warm-up. The effectiveness of a warm-up strategy is determined by the intensity and duration of the swimming and dryland elements, as well as the time between warm-up and the onset of the race, the transition phase. Completion of an active […]

Should you use swim paddles to benefit from Post-activation potentiation?

Post-activation potentiation (PAP) is acknowledged as a short-term enhancement in muscle strength and power after performing a high intensity conditioning activity. It has been demonstrated that such high-intensity exercises during warm-up routines may improve performance in speed and power events. Post-activation potentiation has been documented in different activities and sports. In swimming, dry-land exercises induced […]

What apps and devices are available to help monitor your training load?

How can we measure response to training if you have read the science behind the latest gimmicks of genotype testing and feel it is not yet ready to meet the claims and if ¬†blood, and saliva tests are too expensive, as you understand the need for these to be daily or weekly monitoring tools and […]

What is the effect of downhill running on neuromuscular fatigue?

Competitive trail running includes races over long uphill and downhill sections that cause substantial physiological and mechanical stress. This type of running causes alterations in neuromuscular function at different levels of the motor pathway from the motor cortex to the skeletal muscles, involving both the central and peripheral components of fatigue. Although uphill running requires […]