When are the use of B2 agonist anabolic agents justified?

progression of exercise loads

So, we work in a field where strength based rehabilitation is paramount and in many conditions from Osteoarthritis to tendinopathy rehabilitation has been shown to be superior or at least as successful as surgical intervention yet we struggle with innovation. Studies dabble between concentric versus eccentric, slow versus fast and the trend flip flops between […]

Management and Prevention of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by loss of bone mass, reduced bone mineral density, and deterioration of bone microarchitecture, which lead to bone fragility. Bisphosphonates that are currently approved by the FDA for the prevention or treatment (or both) of osteoporosis include alendronate, ibandronate, risedronate, and zoledronic acid. This review discusses the rationale for […]

Does Bench Press improve performance in 50m swimming?


To improve strength and power, top-level swimmers commonly execute traditional strength exercises (i.e., bench press and squat) on dry-land. It is assumed that the training adaptations resulting from these nonspecific strategies are able to enhance swimming performance. Therefore, it is interesting to ascertain which dry-land testing and training methods provide results more closely related to […]

Should you use swim paddles to benefit from Post-activation potentiation?

Post-activation potentiation (PAP) is acknowledged as a short-term enhancement in muscle strength and power after performing a high intensity conditioning activity. It has been demonstrated that such high-intensity exercises during warm-up routines may improve performance in speed and power events. Post-activation potentiation has been documented in different activities and sports. In swimming, dry-land exercises induced […]

Why we should focus on Posterior Chain not on the Knee after an ACL injury

I review this paper in my Research Review this week, although the study itself doesn’t prescribe interventions – we have been using Posterior chain strength in all our rehabilitation programs over the past 24 months with great effect – Compound lifts where possible – certainly not isometric or body weight holds or mobility work! Female […]