How much does visual distraction effect torso position in side-stepping

side stepping

An important steering task in team sports is cutting and side-stepping (SS), a maneuver performed to evade oncoming opponents. Sidestepping during game situations is complex, as athletes are generally traveling at higher velocities and often required to sidestep under unpredictably high temporal constraints when responding to opponents’ defensive movements or other situational demands. Frontal plane […]

Training for Tennis? What is the best training drill for Intermittent activity?

intermittent activity

Based on the perceived exertion response, tennis match play can be classified as intermittent activity with bouts of high intensity physical effort. Thus, training drills should be designed to elicit a high rating of perceived exhaustion (RPE) score. However, in order to quantify the most appropriate training protocols, the demands of various tennis drills must […]

Energy flow in the Kinetic Chain in Tennis

kinetic chain

The tennis serve has been reported to be one of the most important strokes for winning a match. This stroke is a sequence of motions referred to as a ‘‘kinetic chain’’ that begins with lower limb actions and is followed by rotations of the trunk and the upper limb. This kinetic chain allows the generation, […]

Should you use swim paddles to benefit from Post-activation potentiation?

Post-activation potentiation (PAP) is acknowledged as a short-term enhancement in muscle strength and power after performing a high intensity conditioning activity. It has been demonstrated that such high-intensity exercises during warm-up routines may improve performance in speed and power events. Post-activation potentiation has been documented in different activities and sports. In swimming, dry-land exercises induced […]

What is the effect of downhill running on neuromuscular fatigue?

Competitive trail running includes races over long uphill and downhill sections that cause substantial physiological and mechanical stress. This type of running causes alterations in neuromuscular function at different levels of the motor pathway from the motor cortex to the skeletal muscles, involving both the central and peripheral components of fatigue. Although uphill running requires […]

Athletic Groin Pain – Existing Evidence

Introduction The presentation of an acute  groin pain is common after recreational and competitive multidirectional sport and usually managed self managed with the excellent POLICE guidelines[1] and self limiting. More significant tears of muscles at Grade 2 or 3 level are potentially more serious, in terms of time out of sport, and need more in […]

Running Gait and Re-education

I have written two pieces for the Aspetar Sports Medicine Journal on Running kinematics and the injured population, of course there is no perfect way to run, but certainly those new or experienced runners with leg pain can benefit from a running kinematics approach. I talk about the diagnosis of Biomechanical Overload syndrome rather than […]

Running Injury on Newstalk Breakfast

Delighted to get the chance to speak on Irelands Breakfast Radio Show on myths regarding running injuries, osteoarthritis, running shoes and injury. Shane Coleman and Chris Donaghue hosting this show this week and great discussion including tweeted questions from listeners on shin pain, cycling and learning to run. Listen to the show here

The 24 Hour Athlete

I recorded an enjoyable podcast with Jacquie Tran last week which will be online soon on the physiological monitoring of Olympic athletes to accompany my  Research Review 105, but it reminded me of three concepts I introduced in a lecture, which neatly ties to Jacquie as she sketched a fantastic summary of the talk which accompanies […]

Long Term Athlete Development

In revising my site I came across my interview with Adam Brimelow, Health correspondent for the BBC and a piece I was invited to write. It led to a series of heated debates back in 2012 on testing physical competencies in schools with the usual arguments from people to hated PE and felt it ruined […]