Implications of low muscle mass across the continuum of care: a narrative review

Implications of low muscle mass across the continuum of care: a narrative review Measures of body mass such as weight and body mass index (BMI) have long been practically used as a measure for the prediction of health risks and outcomes. Although of some value, these measurements do not address an individual’ s variability in […]

When are the use of B2 agonist anabolic agents justified?

progression of exercise loads

So, we work in a field where strength based rehabilitation is paramount and in many conditions from Osteoarthritis to tendinopathy rehabilitation has been shown to be superior or at least as successful as surgical intervention yet we struggle with innovation. Studies dabble between concentric versus eccentric, slow versus fast and the trend flip flops between […]

Myotendinous junction & muscle fibers response to heavy resistance training

The myotendinous junction (MTJ) as the interface between muscle and tendon is known to be the weakest link in the muscle-tendon chain, and ultrasonographic visualization of muscle strain injury in humans indicates that tissue damage involves the MTJ. Microscopy of experimental load-to-failure strain injuries in animals has revealed that the actual site of rupture is […]

Management and Prevention of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by loss of bone mass, reduced bone mineral density, and deterioration of bone microarchitecture, which lead to bone fragility. Bisphosphonates that are currently approved by the FDA for the prevention or treatment (or both) of osteoporosis include alendronate, ibandronate, risedronate, and zoledronic acid. This review discusses the rationale for […]

Do running mechanics change running economy?

running economy

One of the determining factors of running performance is running economy (RE), and modifiable running biomechanics are a determining factor of RE. This review examined the intrinsic and extrinsic modifiable biomechanical factors affecting RE, assessed training-induced changes in RE and running biomechanics, evaluated whether an economical running technique can be recommended, and discussed potential areas […]

Does fatigue effect landing mechanics in football?

Football is a sport that needs intermittent, non-continuous exercises which includes many sprints of different intensities especially during a match. Unfortunately, high-speed running has also been associated with injury and classified as an intrinsic risk factor. Higher speed of play during competitions may exert more loads or forces on the knee joint, which in turn may […]

Intramuscular tendon : A hidden problem in Muscle tears?

intramuscular tenon

It is well known that some hamstring and quadriceps strains take much longer to repair than others, and some injuries are more prone to recurrence. A number of thigh muscles including the biceps femoris and rectus femoris have significant intramuscular tendons. Improved resolution via MRI and anatomical dissection studies provide evidence that in many muscles, […]

Training for Tennis? What is the best training drill for Intermittent activity?

intermittent activity

Based on the perceived exertion response, tennis match play can be classified as intermittent activity with bouts of high intensity physical effort. Thus, training drills should be designed to elicit a high rating of perceived exhaustion (RPE) score. However, in order to quantify the most appropriate training protocols, the demands of various tennis drills must […]

Energy flow in the Kinetic Chain in Tennis

kinetic chain

The tennis serve has been reported to be one of the most important strokes for winning a match. This stroke is a sequence of motions referred to as a ‘‘kinetic chain’’ that begins with lower limb actions and is followed by rotations of the trunk and the upper limb. This kinetic chain allows the generation, […]

What apps and devices are available to help monitor your training load?

How can we measure response to training if you have read the science behind the latest gimmicks of genotype testing and feel it is not yet ready to meet the claims and if  blood, and saliva tests are too expensive, as you understand the need for these to be daily or weekly monitoring tools and […]