Effectiveness of Adding a Large Dose of Shoulder Strengthening to Current Nonoperative Care for Subacromial Impingement. A Pragmatic, Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial (SExSI Trial).

Until recently, subacromial decompression surgery was considered for treatment of subacromial impingement when nonoperative care had failed. In 2019, a strong recommendation against subacromial decompression surgery as a treatment method for subacromial impingement was issued. Such drastic changes to care pathways may leave patients without further treatment options if nonoperative care fails. Therefore, optimizing nonoperative […]

Feasibility and preliminary effect of anabolic steroids in addition to strength training and nutritional supplement in rehabilitation of patients with hip fracture: a randomized controlled pilot trial (HIPSAP1 trial).

Hip fracture results in large strength deficits, causing loss of function, disability and further falls. As such, a hipfracture often leads to the loss of independence, more fractures and high mortality rates, and constitutes a substantial economic burden to the health care system. Although positive effects on mobility of structured exercise interventions including strength training […]

Changes in countermovement jump performance and subjective readiness-to-train scores following a simulated soccer match

There is a complex relationship between training loads, adaptations to training and injury. While systematic exposure to high training loads protects against injury and improves the players’ fitness, each player adapts and responds differently to training and competition. This variation impacts on each player’s fitness and risk of injury. As a result, various monitoring metrics […]

The effect of acute sleep deprivation on skeletal muscle protein synthesis and the hormonal environment

Woman wearing Wearable, Sleep Tracking, Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch

Acute and chronic sleep loss are linked with a range of negative physiological and psychological outcomes. Sleep deprivation and restriction have the potential to profoundly affect muscle health by altering gene regulation and substrate metabolism. Even relatively short periods of sleep restriction (less than a week) can compromise glucose metabolism, reduce insulin sensitivity, and impair […]