Specialist areas.


Changing direction is something many of us take for granted, but imagine if you have lost your leg or legs in an injury and have to re learn how to walk, to run, to decelerate. Or if after a stroke, you lose the brains ability to control the coordination and function of your own body. My experience comes originally from working with the UKs Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre and the complex task of incredible individuals learning to live, walk , run and compete with prosthetic limbs and the immense adversity it takes to overcome and succeed.

This translates to the much easier tasks of breaking down deceleration and acceleration in elite field sport and in runners. The work we have done in ACL and groin injury, and lower limb pain in runners has allowed a huge focus on these areas of understanding the component parts of these movements and the contribution of joint analysis and coordination. The testing of decision and unplanned cutting is essential in mapping successful return to pay.