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ACL Rehabilitation

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The goal for every athlete, surgeon and physiotherapist after ACL reconstruction is to return that athlete to sport, with no knee symptoms and avoid ACL re-injury. At SSC we have developed our ACL service to achieve that goal.

By giving you and your physio detailed accurate data on our progress to date, where that sits compared to others and what areas you need to continue to work on, we aim to provide you with the information and guidance to empower you to make a successful return to sport.

Our understanding of human movement and how this influences ACL injury risk is contstantly evolving, primarily through our ongoing research and PhD pathways. All the data that we collect is analysed constantly to inform our ability to help you through the rehabilitaiton and return to play process to minimise the risk of re-injury. We are then taking that data and assisting those who have never had an ACL injury avoid the same fate.

In order to deliver this service we have put together a team of highly experienced and motivated Biomechanists, Physiotherapists and Strength and Conditioning coaches and housed them in a 14,000 sq ft state of the art facility. We have equipped it with gold standard testing equipment to give you as detailed a picture of your rehabilitation as possible to guide you back towards a safe return to play.

To aid in developing the service, our team of postdoc and PhD researchers analyse the data to improve the advice and feedback you are given. We then share our findings with the world through peer reviewed publication and presentations all over the globe.