ACL Rehabilitation


Return to training review

At approximately 6 months post surgery athletes will undergo the second of their three stage review. This review will build on the assessment at 3 months with a continual focus on elements of neuromuscular control, strength and power. This assessment will use state of the art 3D motion capture technology to provide a comprehensive analysis of the athlete’s ability to perform sports specific movements.

Whats involved?

  • Reassessment of progress from previous testing
  • Reassessment of knee ROM
  • Isokinetic strength testing
  • Assessment of single leg vertical and horizontal power
  • 3D biomechanical analysis of jumping, landing, cutting and reactive agility.
  • Isokinetic testing 
The athlete will undergo repeat isokinetic testing of the quadriceps and hamstrings comparing these results with 3 month testing.


Single leg counter movement jump

The athlete will undergo a repeat single leg counter movement jump to measure jump height and thus explosive power output.

3D biomechanical analysis protocol

The athlete will be assessed by one of our biomechanists using Vicon motion analysis system. They will have reflective markers placed on the trunk, pelvis and lower limbs to recreate joint centers. They will then undergo a battery of tests to objectively measure multiplanar joint kinematics and kinetics during jumping, hopping, landing and cutting tasks.

Double leg drop Jump

The athlete will be required to drop off a 30cm box onto two force plates and immediately perform a maximal vertical jump.

Single leg drop jump

The athlete will be required to drop off a 20cm box from a single leg onto a force plate and perform a maximal single leg jump.

Hurdle hop

The athlete will be assessed on their ability to successfully hop on a single leg over a 20cm hurdle and back.

Preplanned cut

The athletes ability to perform an effective cutting maneuver will be assessed using a 90° cut on
a force plate to the left or right. Multiplanar joint kinematics and kinetics as well as ground reaction force, speed and contact time will be captured.

Indecision cut

The athletes ability to perform an indecision cut will be assessed using Smartspeed speed gate system. The athlete will cut left or right in response to the light activation.

The entire testing battery is designed to identify known risk factors for ACL injury and knee pain as well as any factors limiting athletic performance.