How focussed does you warm-up need to be?


In my review this week is my summary of a paper looking at soccer warm ups. ( Sign up to get it each week) In most sports, a warm-up is performed with an aim to prepare the body for high level performance and to prevent injuries when performing at that high level. In soccer, players […]

Does fatigue effect landing mechanics in football?

Football is a sport that needs intermittent, non-continuous exercises which includes many sprints of different intensities especially during a match. Unfortunately, high-speed running has also been associated with injury and classified as an intrinsic risk factor. Higher speed of play during competitions may exert more loads or forces on the knee joint, which in turn may […]

So is a reverse lunge or a squat better for rehabilitation?

progression of exercise loads

Factors determining the progression of exercise loads during rehabilitation after injury currently follow one of two general approaches: (1) a progression according to tissue-healing time frames based on histologic studies and (2) an evaluation-based protocol in which the patient passes specific criteria before progression. Both approaches have several advantages and disadvantages. During the first approach, […]

Intramuscular tendon : A hidden problem in Muscle tears?

intramuscular tenon

It is well known that some hamstring and quadriceps strains take much longer to repair than others, and some injuries are more prone to recurrence. A number of thigh muscles including the biceps femoris and rectus femoris have significant intramuscular tendons. Improved resolution via MRI and anatomical dissection studies provide evidence that in many muscles, […]

So you are still calling it Gilmore’s, Sportsman’s Hernia or Osteitis Pubis?


Athletic groin pain remains a common field-based team sports time-loss injury. The existing cross-sectional studies in this area of research vary considerably in presenting diagnosis. None of the studies had a complete series of prospectively-gathered standardized clinical examination, MRI and patient-reported outcome measures (PROM). The authors of present study aimed to describe clinical presentation, physical […]

Training for Tennis? What is the best training drill for Intermittent activity?

intermittent activity

Based on the perceived exertion response, tennis match play can be classified as intermittent activity with bouts of high intensity physical effort. Thus, training drills should be designed to elicit a high rating of perceived exhaustion (RPE) score. However, in order to quantify the most appropriate training protocols, the demands of various tennis drills must […]

Energy flow in the Kinetic Chain in Tennis

kinetic chain

The tennis serve has been reported to be one of the most important strokes for winning a match. This stroke is a sequence of motions referred to as a ‘‘kinetic chain’’ that begins with lower limb actions and is followed by rotations of the trunk and the upper limb. This kinetic chain allows the generation, […]

Should you use swim paddles to benefit from Post-activation potentiation?

Post-activation potentiation (PAP) is acknowledged as a short-term enhancement in muscle strength and power after performing a high intensity conditioning activity. It has been demonstrated that such high-intensity exercises during warm-up routines may improve performance in speed and power events. Post-activation potentiation has been documented in different activities and sports. In swimming, dry-land exercises induced […]

Why we should focus on Posterior Chain not on the Knee after an ACL injury

I review this paper in my Research Review this week, although the study itself doesn’t prescribe interventions – we have been using Posterior chain strength in all our rehabilitation programs over the past 24 months with great effect – Compound lifts where possible – certainly not isometric or body weight holds or mobility work! Female […]

What apps and devices are available to help monitor your training load?

How can we measure response to training if you have read the science behind the latest gimmicks of genotype testing and feel it is not yet ready to meet the claims and if  blood, and saliva tests are too expensive, as you understand the need for these to be daily or weekly monitoring tools and […]