Sport Surgery Clinic

Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller, Director of the SSC Research Foundation is tasked with the development of a world class, state-of-the-art centre for athlete training, clinical and applied research (including genetic, cellular and biologic research, concussion testing and management, biomechanics, injury prevention and muscle pathology), alongside training and recovery facilities including residential rehabilation, building on the excellent facilities and services already at the Sports Surgery Clinic.

The basic domains of biology, genetics and biomechanics will underpin all studies at the centre. Patients attending for injury screening will have blood collected for future biomarker discovery programs and state of the art technology assesments in cognitive function, movement analysis and power and strength production can be performed.

This will inform treatment and rehabilitation programmes and speed up recovery time, get patients back on their feet quicker and ensure the best clinical outcome possible. Not only will patients benefit directly, reduced morbidity and incraese drecovery times mean less public health and social care funds will be spent addressing long term illness caused by such injuries, and will see a reduction in the incidence of them in the future.

The Sports Surgery Clinic is a JCI accredited Private Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Dublin which opened in 2007. It is a leading centre internationally for the treatment of Orthopaedics, Spinal, Sport and Exercise related injuries and Sports Medicine. The Clinic offers rapid patient diagnosis, treatment and expedited recovery times.

The clinic has five ultra clean operating theatres, a world class Diagnostic Imaging Department with two MRIs, 64 slice CT, and MSK specialist radiologist-led ultrasound service. Services include Sports Cardiology, Exercise Physiology, 3D-Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapy. In-patient facilities include 72 beds with en-suite bathrooms and showers, along with entertainment systems.

The Clinic is a leader in research globally in Concussion, ACL and Groin Biomechanics , Hip vector analysis of OA development, linear running performance and mechanics of Injury and Rehabilitation.

The largest sports medicine clinic in Europe seeing over 1500 patients a week.