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Sport Surgery Clinic


Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller, Director of SSC Sports Medicine is tasked with the development of a world class, state-of-the-art centre for athlete rehabilitation, clinical and applied research in biomechanics of injury rehabilitation and testing, screening and prevention, alongside training and recovery facilities including residential rehabilitation, building on the excellent facilities and services already at the Sports Surgery Clinic.

The basis of this research is the creation of SSC Lab a 6 step process where isokinetic, jump, running, change of direction and performance biomechanics data is collected on all patients at various stages of rehabilitation.

This data is already able to inform treatment and rehabilitation programmes and speed up recovery time, get patients back on their feet quicker and ensure the best clinical outcome possible. Not just for elite athletes who attend the clinic but also all patients benefit directly, reduced morbidity and decreased recovery times

The Sports Surgery Clinic is a JCI accredited Private Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital in Dublin which opened in 2007. It is a leading centre internationally for the treatment of Orthopaedics, Spinal, Sport and Exercise related injuries and Sports Medicine. The Clinic offers rapid patient diagnosis, treatment and expedited recovery times.

The clinic has seven ultra clean operating theatres, a world class Diagnostic Imaging Department with two MRIs, 64 slice CT, and MSK specialist radiologist-led ultrasound service. Services include Sports Cardiology, Exercise Physiology, 3D-Biomechanics, Strength and Conditioning and Physiotherapy. In-patient facilities include 72 beds with en-suite bathrooms and showers, along with entertainment systems.

The Clinic is a leader in research globally in  ACL and Groin Biomechanics , shoulder rehabilitation post reconstruction,  running performance and mechanics of Injury and Rehabilitation.

The largest sports medicine clinic in Europe seeing over 40,000 patients a year.