Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller

Specialist areas.

Spine Lab.

Imaging the spine with MRI is useful to rule out significant pathology m where an operation might be needed, but aside from that it is useful to see the quality of the back muscle. Too much fat infiltration in the muscle – think chuck steak rather than lean fillet, and this limits the function of muscle and suggests on inactivity. The same think happens if we put a broken leg in a cast, and although you can train in the gym, parts of the spine can be trained less than the other, which can give unequal loading, as with anywhere in the body.

Understanding how you lift weight, divide the load and carry out tasks such as sitting and standing and lifting, can help us understand how best to manage your rehabilitation program. It may need more rotation or extension, and we want to give you clear targets on % bodyweight we want you reach in your training.

Spine Lab lets us do just that – measure using 3D biomechanics, your body’s ability to cope with challenges, and give you clear objective data, to…you guessed it… train at the gym towards. This should reduce the cost of your rehabilitation, fewer sessions, and give you the confidence to train We do offer  remote coaching if you need it and through an innovative program with BlkBox, we offer Kettlebell rental so you can train at home.