Running Re-education

What is it?

Run Clinical is a unique running related pain clinical assessment and re-education service based on a comprehensive medical consultation and examination followed by 2 dimensional running analysis with  Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller. Following the assessment, rehabilitation interventions are immediately given and the patient leaves with a comprehensive set of  coaching drills and video clips with a running programme. It is research driven and extremely successful at non surgical intervention.

Run Clinical can help you start moving the way you want again:

Reduces Pain & Stiffness

For Amateurs or Experts

Reduces Injury Limitations

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Who is it for?

This  type of expertise and technology has been available up to now only to high end athletes. Our mission is to bring this same level of treatment to everyday runners. There are very few elite athletes and very many amateur runners. Over 50% of runners become  injured and require time out from the sport they love. We aim to keep runners running.


How can you change my running technique?

Firstly we identify and diagnose the injury with a  thorough medical examination. A comprehensive  consultation on injury, medical history, examination and video based running assessment will be performed. We then use slow motion video analysis  to  determine if your running form is contributing to your injury. Our expertise  and research has identified several movement patterns which may contribute to various common pathologies seen in runners.


How many visits will I need?

Typically we  see patients between 2 to 4 times. The success of the program has been overwhelming with many chronic problems being  resolved within a few visits. The first visit typically takes 1 hour with subsequent  visits between 30- 45 minutes.

Shot of a young athlete holding his leg in pain

We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’

There are hundreds of different ways to run and there is one way of running to suit you

There are a few fundamentals that we have found make a difference and many more subtle changes that are individualised to each person. We look to  find that one way to suit you. The Cues given are specific to you and  the factors we are trying to influence.

How is this different from a video analysis in a running store?

Our extensive medical and biomechanics research  has identified kinematic movement patterns associated with various injuries. We look at the movement of the whole body  rather than just the foot. Our aim is to identify and change faulty running mechanics rather than provide a pair of shoes or orthotics to compensate for faulty movement mechanics. We look to see if there is a connection between  the injury and  the mechanics  then make the necessary changes. Any changes are made incrementally typically with a graduated return to running  if required.

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