Specialist areas.


There are so many variables here that we can influence, that is exciting but potentially confusing, step rate, stride length , flight time, knee stiffness, foot and ankle stiffness and that’s before we look at the shoe stiffness and stack height and drop.

Influencing these carriable for performance, a coaches job, is different from using these variable to adapt recovery from injury or recurrent leg pain, preventing training, and our experience in  addressing variables that can be easily adapted in combination with strength and power will get a focussed program and back running at the earliest possible pint

We don’t prescribe orthotics, but shoe selection can play an important role, but not in the typical shoe selling focus on motion control and neutral choices.  The sagittal ( side view) plane is all important here and cushioning ( stack height) and drop  ( heel to toe difference in height) are very useful along with mid sole stiffness in adapting to injury and expediating recovery.