Specialist areas.

Metabolic lab.

Losing weight is a challenge many of us  wish we could accomplish, either as art of a long term goal, or a shorter term target, and there is so much information regarding the latest diets, shakes, foods to avoid and options such as gastric banding, ketosis and intermitant fasting that it is not surprising that most people struggle with where to start or how to keep going.

There is good evidence that a low carbohydrate diet combined with exercise is a safe and effective way to approach losing weight, but of course there are other strategies too.  Our consultation begins with a detailed medical history. We will ask about past illnesses, past diets and weight gain and loss, and stress, family challenges and what has worked in the past . We then carry out a physical examination, with blood tests, EG, and a body composition DEXA scan and start to talk through options. We create a plan and then digitally follow up to see how you are getting on at any stage. A comparison DEXA is lined up for when you start to make progress and we can flow up as often as you need along with any further investigations or referrals