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Having spent over 16 years in the UK Military and benefiting from formal leadership and management training throughout his career, He has run large multi-departmental teams of staff and worked in unit audit and governance structure and in change management. These skills are unusual in Medicine, sport science and strength and conditioning, where little formal structure exists to deliver this training or skill set. Managing teams and outcomes, along with organizational change are complex processes and people are led, process is managed. It is not a skill that is acquired usually working in performance teams and must be given careful construct. Talks include: Why your Medical and  Performance set up needs a Restructure? The Construction of a Performance, Medical and Rehabilitation team Change Management in Medicine .

“Just wanted to say it was great to have you out to present at our conference.  It was also awesome to have you carve out some extra time to speak with our staff privately “

Seattle Sounders FC, USA

The importance of sleep and travel and time zone optimization is vital.

A recent study looked at circadian rhythm, i.e the cortisol and testosterone driven balance which is disturbed by body clock.
The peak performance of athletes is anticipated in late afternoon hours. In simple words, since the US East coast is 3 hours ahead of the West coast, the chances are fair that the performance of West coast players will be much better than anticipated in a game held late in the evening (for example 9PM to 12AM) due to closer proximity to their peak circadian performance (that obviously places them in a comparative advantage).


Evening games gave a significant advantage to the West Coast teams = closer to their time zone training normality.

You can take advantage of this when travelling with a team by careful planning or flight, sleep nutritional and readiness programming. Remember the athletes are 24 hour athletes not just in the 3 hour window we usually see them at training.

I have managed movement of a number of International individual and  team athletes.

In particular from Southern to Northern Hemisphere’s working with Heart rate variability, Vitamin D, Light, nutritional and sleep strategies including pre travel  re adjustment and training load design and reactivity and power production.

No jet lag really to speak of at either end (and I followed your instruction to the letter so thanks!)


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