Clinical Consultation


Andy is a Consultant Physician on the Specialist Register for Sports and Exercise Medicine in the United Kingdom and in the Republic of Ireland. He is a fellow of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine (UK).

He consults clinically at the Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin and appointments can be made via

Andy frequently cosults internationationally via  digital consultations, and this can be arranged at a time to suit. These consultations can be recorded and a dictated summary will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Any imagng and anatomical imagery can be shared during the consultation.


Individualized Return

We don’t believe in a generic or ‘one size fits all’ exercise program

Assessment of your unique 3D movement patterns and allows you to enter the pathway at your level of need.

Progress is based on achieving set goals rather than generic time limits.

Removes unnecessary delays in exercise progression giving a goal driven scientific approach to the management of the problem.

Weight Loss, Diet and Exercise

I have worked with many patients who have ill health – whether Diabetes, Heart Disease or breathing difficulties to manage their health. Sports and Exercise Medicine is a medical specialty with a specific skill set to manage not only these issues, but also obesity.

The combination of careful dietary support (favouring a very low carbohydrate, high protein and fat diet), and resistance training in a safe environment with physician support.


Since I worked with GB rowing, the management of overtraining is a sub speciality.

Recent work suggests that relative energy deficiency should be the term used as it is not really just load related.

After initial consultation a comprehensive, VO2, lactate, haematological, heart rate variability and nutritional approach is my recommendation,  with a graduated return to intensity of training.

Running Injury

I work with runners daily in terms of diagnosing injury, coaching running, kinematic and re-education changes in Run Clinical and also in research into injury. Please don’t spend money on orthotics or shoes before your consultation. You cannot manage a running overuse injury without a clinician looking at how you run, unless you wish to waste money. 

Training Periodisation

The science of training and making athletes faster is my passion.

I spent many years as a rowing coach at Great Britain international level and training program design, performance physiology and optimization and biomechanics, testing and training are good reasons to consult.

Groin Pain

Over 400 patients in the past 18 months.

My main research interest on accelerated rehabilitation has been groundbreaking in 3D Biomechanics guided interventions

See the research pages for links to our work “ You wouldn’t let someone cut your ACL so why let someone cut your adductor?”

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