What is Concussion?

Concussion is common in Contact sports It can occur when you clash heads or take a direct blow to the head. This can cause temporary symptoms including:

  • Brief loss of consciousness after the injury.
  • Memory problems.
  • Confusion
  • Drowsiness or feeling sluggish.
  • Dizziness
  • Double vision or blurred vision.
  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting

Commonly these symptoms settle within 7 days and you are left with no lasting impairment however occasionally these last longer and require professional assessment.


What can we do to assess you pre season?

The Sports Surgery Clinic, Concussion program includes the most comprehensive baseline screening available including

  1. Online questionnaire including past medical history; playing and injury history; sleep and mood
  2. Physical examination: A consultant sports physician will perform a physical and neurological examination
  3. Computerised brain health assessment: Participants will be screened at baseline using The Axon Sports Baseline Test: a preseason screening test that measures baseline reaction time, learning and memory skills, attention, concentration and problem solving capacity
  4. King-Devick Test: A test that measures speed and accuracy of eye movements
  5. Balance assessment: we will perform the Accusway and BESS tests for balance and postural stability
  6. Exercise Challenge Test: You will exercise on a treadmill to assess your exercise capacity, monitor your heart rate and blood pressure response, and to see what symptoms you experience while exercising along with Vo2 metabolic measurements from the air you breathe
  7. Haematology: Blood will be taken to measure some baseline markers of concussion. Providing you are happy, the blood will be stored to allow us to analyse the sample at a later date as our knowledge of concussion improves.
  8. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) brain scan: You will have an MRI scan of your brain. For this test you will need to lie still for 40 minutes in the MRI scanner. There is no radiation in an MRI scan and it is completely safe.

“You get a concussion, they’ve got to take you out of the game. So if you can hide it and conceal it as much as possible, you pay for it the next day, but you’ll be able to … stay in the game.”
-Washington Redskins fullback Mike Sellers

Don’t ignore concussion – it is an injury like any other, with a diagnosis, treatment plan and recovery strategy.

Consult a Sports Physician for baseline and post concussion management.