Incomplete Rehabilitation or Physiological failure of Hamstring tear

Reinjury rates after acute hamstring injuries are reported to range from 14% to 63% within the same playing season or up to 2 years after the initial injury. Despite relatively high reinjury risk after hamstring injuries, there is a lack of exact knowledge about their severity, location, and timing. Thus far, the location and severity,…

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How focussed does you warm-up need to be?


In my review this week is my summary of a paper looking at soccer warm ups. ( Sign up to get it each week) In most sports, a warm-up is performed with an aim to prepare the body for high level performance and to prevent injuries when performing at that high level. In soccer, players…

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Intramuscular tendon : A hidden problem in Muscle tears?

intramuscular tenon

It is well known that some hamstring and quadriceps strains take much longer to repair than others, and some injuries are more prone to recurrence. A number of thigh muscles including the biceps femoris and rectus femoris have significant intramuscular tendons. Improved resolution via MRI and anatomical dissection studies provide evidence that in many muscles,…

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