Implications of low muscle mass across the continuum of care: a narrative review

Implications of low muscle mass across the continuum of care: a narrative review Measures of body mass such as weight and body mass index (BMI) have long been practically used as a measure for the prediction of health risks and outcomes. Although of some value, these measurements do not address an individual’ s variability in […]

The Research review is on its way back

So until late 2018, I completed a weekly research review. I took 4 papers that caught my interest and summarised and commented on them and gave you my thoughts in an email. It was crazily popular with over 20,000 subscribers and I was humbled by the response. I took biomechanics, sports medicine, rehabilitation and sport […]


Building blocks of movement and health. Peptides. There has been little work done in influencing the remodelling process for many years but recent work has shown the uses of Hydrolyzed collagen  a group of peptides with low molecular weight has shown promising benefits in tendon repair after injury from oral absorption when combined with Vitamin […]


Specialist areas. Field. On field assessment of biomechanics is the holy grail and industry promises much but to date has under delivered. If we could capture normal biomechanics in the field before injury, then it is the gold standard in deciding on return to play, without the variability of pain, muscle disuse and the risks […]

Glycaemic control

A culture of innovation Glycaemic control Recent work in mice has highlighted that patients who struggle to control blood sugar, are also likely to struggle with progress in rehabilitation. There are variety of reasons proposed, but these have huge implications, that can effect your progress through your progress. Understanding how your body produces insulin in […]

Machine Learning

Building blocks of movement and health. Machine Learning. What is machine learning. In rehabilitation we are using engineering, to identify features from hundreds of thousands of data variables, which differentiate between success in rehabilitation compared to failure. This requires the collection of millions of data variables and in fact discarding very many of them. We […]


A culture of innovation Biomechanics What is biomechanics? The word can been misused by so many to mean shoes, insoles, video images, stroboscopic cameras, still pictures, and often people selling courses in some form of therapy. In fact, it is really a mathematical and engineering discipline using complex theorem’s to extrapolate forces and angles to […]


Specialist areas. Run. There are so many variables here that we can influence, that is exciting but potentially confusing, step rate, stride length , flight time, knee stiffness, foot and ankle stiffness and that’s before we look at the shoe stiffness and stack height and drop. Influencing these carriable for performance, a coaches job, is […]