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Swimming warm ups: Challenges and current practice


In preparation for competitive events, swimming coaches prescribe a pre-competition warm-up, typically an active, pool-based warm-up. The effectiveness of a warm-up strategy is determined by the intensity and duration of the swimming and dryland elements, as well as the time between warm-up and the onset of the race, the transition phase. Completion of an active…

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The business of sport at football clubs

As the “best soccer team of the 20th century,” Real Madrid won two UEFA Champion League Cups between 1998 and 2001 while paradoxically spiraling into debt. Real Madrid’s situation was not unique; other european football clubs were similarly facing financial hardship. At the time, income generation for a football club was suffering from limited stadium…

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Incomplete Rehabilitation or Physiological failure of Hamstring tear

Reinjury rates after acute hamstring injuries are reported to range from 14% to 63% within the same playing season or up to 2 years after the initial injury. Despite relatively high reinjury risk after hamstring injuries, there is a lack of exact knowledge about their severity, location, and timing. Thus far, the location and severity,…

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