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Is Hip Surgery Unnecessary for CAM/FAI?


Hip and groin injuries are extremely common in ice hockey players, with a reported incidence of 19.87 injuries per 100 players at the elite level. Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) has been increasingly recognized as a cause of hip pain in athletes at all levels of competition. Numerous studies have found an increased prevalence of FAI in…

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Does Bench Press improve performance in 50m swimming?


To improve strength and power, top-level swimmers commonly execute traditional strength exercises (i.e., bench press and squat) on dry-land. It is assumed that the training adaptations resulting from these nonspecific strategies are able to enhance swimming performance. Therefore, it is interesting to ascertain which dry-land testing and training methods provide results more closely related to…

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Do running mechanics change running economy?

running economy

One of the determining factors of running performance is running economy (RE), and modifiable running biomechanics are a determining factor of RE. This review examined the intrinsic and extrinsic modifiable biomechanical factors affecting RE, assessed training-induced changes in RE and running biomechanics, evaluated whether an economical running technique can be recommended, and discussed potential areas…

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Does Ultrasound really image deliver optimal tendon imaging?


I have to declare that in my clinical practice, I do not use ultrasound to image the patellar or achilles tendon – I use MRI imaging in combination with expert musculoskeletal radiologists – so perhaps I have a bias in feeling that US is often used to demonstrate a clinical suspicion and is very very…

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