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One of the World's Foremost Sports Medicine Specialists

A Consultant Physician, Research Director and Coach, Andy is Director of Sports Medicine at SSC.

Running Re-education

Andy's research in running mechanics has led to a system of running coaching technical changes to treat running related lower leg injuries, 'Hip down not foot up and it doesn't matter what shoe you run in'

It's Not Osteiitis Pubis or a Hernia

Athletic Groin pain has been the major focus of research at the Sports Surgery Clinic for the last 2 years with landmark scientific publications in biomechanics leading the world

Elite Sport Performance

Andys background in international coaching makes him well versed in training periodisation, performance and recovery methods and coaching alongside rehabilitation to maximise performance.


Andy has spoken in 2019 on Athletic Groin Pain, ACL Biomechanics and Running re-education in Paris, London, Barcelona and Dublin. In 2020 is due to speak at the IOC Conference, Staffordshire Biomechanics and the FIFA football medicine Conference, Lyon

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Andy has worked with professional teams on physiological preparation, time zone travel and adaptation, recovery, injury rehabilitation and coaching. The structuring of departmental review and talent search alongside consulting

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Andy is Director of Sports Medicine at the Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin. He has over 40 original peer reviewed publications and author of Clinical Sports Anatomy and runs a team of original researchers in biomechanics

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Research Review

It's back!! Given the COVID19 global pandemic, rather than read about impending depressing doom, or arguments about what we should or should not have done, I have restructured the review and it's back as it was. Each week  I will summarise and review 4 papers a week, on a wide range of topics from Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, S and C, Performance, Biomechanics and Physiology.

There remains, of course a degree of bias in this blog – but I give my thoughts on the message of the paper and what it adds to the literature – I do keep the summary direct and where possible give a direct link to the paper.

In the past you had to sign up to read the review, you can still do so via the review page, or just look out for it on social media.

Looking forward to the debate recommencing and look out for the podcast - its on the way back too.


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